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Welcome to Our Services Page

Our Services

During my first couple of years around the bees I found the hard way to do most things despite research and my best efforts. Bees sting, equipment costs money and honey is sticky..... I quickly realized many people were facing the same issues and very well a barriers to entry to help or to get more involved.The services we provide allow individuals at any level of interest or participation to take a moderate, or “at their pace” approach to beekeeping. For the beginner & Intermediate alike we offer:

  • Bee courses and tutorials in a class room setting, our apiaries or your yard.
  • Hive rentals or purchases w support programs (“Rookie-Bee”, “The Worker Bee”)
  • Pest management support & consulting
  • Honey harvest (Custom bottling & honey extraction).
  • Hive maintenance support. Need to move a yard, going away and need someone to look in on your hives?
  • Swarm removals
  • Bee rescue
  • Skunk and pest removal
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The "Rookie Bee"

$65.00/Mo. Based upon 12 months for 1 hive. Add a hive for $30. 6 Visits included.

Hives are delivered to you in Spring & removed in the fall. During the season a master bee keeper visits your yard 6 times providing, not only “a Bee’s –eye- view” into the hive but the Safety gear for you so the whole family can partake!
40lbs Honey Guaranteed Join in extraction 1lb of wax

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The "Bee Guardian"

$50.00/Mo. Based upon 12 months for 1 hive. Add a hive for $30. 4 Visits included

Bee Guardian program can be a monthly rental or permanent placement of a hive. This is for the more hands on bee keeper, or one who knows they want hive(s); but still need a little help along the way. 4 visits with a Master Bee Keeper. Services include installation, Summer check up, fall harvest (up to 5 hives) & winter preparations.
Your own honey, harvested and returned. Summer "treatment" Fall "treatment" Wrap


  • 5% in store discount.
  • Seasonal specials for Boutique members only.
  • Bee-Tech assistance 24/7 via telephone or email.
  • “Between the Hives” bi monthly Newsletter.