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Hi, my name is Dan. I have always liked nature and as an avid outdoors person I had been aware of the issues facing the Bees and moreover all pollinators, but I wasn't doing anything about it.  One day my daughter came to me and stated, "Dad you must do something to help the bees."  This is my effort...it started with two hives and quickly grew to living with sometiemes in excess of two million bees right in my back yard. The last few years I have immersed myself into everything “bee” and found out all kinds about the bees, nature and myself along the way... What I have learned here and the problems I have encountered along the way have led to – Heffs Hives-A full service honey house, beekeeping equipment supply and one of the most fun aspects…. local contract beekeeping


Our mission is to promote sustainable “bee first” beekeeping through education, experience-based research and an Urban Apiary Project to help promote the health and vitality of the honeybee. Heff’s Hives and Honey was started simply with starting to learn a little bit about; and to help do something positive for honeybees. I realized very quickly that the honeybees are so much more than pollinators or honey producers. They are an integral part of the vast, complex living organism, Earth and vital. Now my goal is to inspire, not only interest, joy and love for, but also a new understanding and awareness for the importance of these terrifically resourceful & vulnerable creatures. Heff’s Hives provides Queens, Nuc’s & a complete line of beekeeping equipment & necessities to support new and seasoned beekeepers alike.


Why are the bees dying?

Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is a phenomenon in which worker bees from a beehive abruptly disappear. Since CCD was identified in 2006, scientists around the world have been trying to determine the cause. Many have been proposed: A multitude of issues such as climate change, environmental changes, herbicides, very powerful pesticides, foreign species such as Varroa Mites, Hive Beetles, fungus, pesticides & even beekeeping practices (such as the use of antibiotics, or long-distance transportation of beehives). We believe it's all these things combined that are overwhelming bees.

What is bee guardianship?

The need for Bee Guardianship is now more prevalant than ever. Bee Guardianship is a Bee first approach to beekeeping! As someone once said, “it’s not about the honey, Honey. It’s about the Bees”. At Heff’s we work towards helping bees maintain strong genetics, robust hives with healthy immune system(s) through organic practices and methods. Employing essential oils, passive methods of pest control and constant improvement through education and research is to bee a Guardian of the Hive vs keeper.